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RonRonald Shore

As the lead producer on the Paramount and Showtime film Bobbie's Girl, Ronald Shore engineered the initial sale of the project to Showtime and shepherded the film through its Irish location shoot, and a host of legal, contractual, and foreign tax hurdles. The film went on to receive an Emmy nomination for star Bernadette Peters, was a GLAAD Award Nominee, and was named to The Advocate’s Top Ten for 2002. Other projects include producing and developing sales and marketing materials for two new reality shows, Sarge, and Fat Chance, as well as producing the home video series Icing on the Cake. He also sold the film Silent Lies to Image Organization and Behavior Worldwide for foreign sales, directing the development and creation of advertising and marketing materials for the film, which premiered at the Montreal World Film Festival, won a Silver Award at Worldfest, and a Bronze at the Houston International Film Festival. He lives in West Hollywood, California, with his husband of 20 years, Samuel Bernstein, and their four incorrigible dachshunds.


Sam.jpgSamuel Bernstein

Filmmaker Samuel Bernstein wrote and produced the Paramount/Showtime film Bobbie's Girl, which starred Bernadette Peters, Rachel Ward, and Jonathan Silverman. Bernadette received an Emmy nomination while the film received a G.L.A.A.D. nomination and a citation from The Advocate as one of the top ten television events of the year. Silent Lies, his dark, violent film about incest, caused a stir, and was briefly banned in England until cuts were made. He has adapted his novel Lulu into this screenplay, which won a 2010 Next Generation Indie Book Award for Fiction and an Iternational Book Award for Literary Fiction. He has worked on such televisions shows as Judging Amy, Witch, Sally B., Kill Your Inner Child, and Icing on the Cake; is co-creator and executive producer for two new reality shows, Edge of Violence and Fat Chance; and he has written lyrics for songs in W.i.t.c.h., Bobbie's Girl, The Peddler, Magic Boys, The Middle Place, and Mr. Confidential, for which he also wroite the libretto, that premiered at the 2014 New York Musical Theatre Festival. He adaopted it from his book Mr. Confidential was named a ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year finalist and won an Hermes Creative Platinum Award for Outstanding Non-Fiction. He lives in West Hollywood, California, with his husband of 20 years, Ronald Shore, and their four incorrigible dachshunds.